Kumpulan Hikmah Pancalaku (1337)

PART 1337


Hikmah #13361

“Rachel died when Joseph was 7-year-old


Thus, Jacob took much more care

of Joseph and Benjamin since then.”

~ Yos Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13362

“Leah died six years later when:

Reuben was 20-year-old

Simeone was 19-year-old

Levi was 19-year-old

Judah was 18-year-old

Dan was 18-year-old

Naphtali was 17-year-old

Gad was 17-year-old

Asher was 16-year-old

Issachar was 16-year-old

Zebulon was 15-year-old

Dinah was 14-year-old

Joseph was 13-year-old, and

Benjamin was 6-year-old.”

~ Yos W Hadi ( 1395AH – )

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Kumpulan Hikmah Pancalaku (1336)

PART 1336


Hikmah #13351

“Be nice to all but do not be naïve


Eagle inner instinct saves you from

being used due to your kindnesses.”

~ Yos Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13352

“Sunan Pancalaku can utilize

thirteen eagle inner instincts


Sometimes utilizing the Bald Eagle (Pisces) Way

Sometimes the Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aries) Way

Sometimes utilizing Martial Eagle (Taurus) Way

Sometimes the Golden Eagle (Yin Gemini) Way

Sometimes a Steppe Eagle (Yang Gemini) Way

Sometimes using Imperial Eagle (Cancer) Way


Sometimes utilizing Crowned Eagle (Leo) Way

Sometimes using Philippine Eagle (Virgo) Way

Sometimes the White-bellied Eagle (Libra) Way

Sometimes the Verreaux’s Eagle (Scorpio) Way

Sometimes the Steller’s Eagle (Sagittarius) Way

Sometimes White-tailed Eagle (Capricorn) Way

Sometimes using Harpy Eagle (Aquarius) Way.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5, 1395AH – )

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Kumpulan Hikmah Pancalaku (1335)

PART 1335


Hikmah #13341

“Prophets and saints love to bless others


Sunan Pancalaku blesses his people like

Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac and Jacob had

blessed their children and secures them

all with the prayers of Noah, Hod, Saleh,

Lot, Sho’aib, and Moses for their people.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13342

“It is not how many people you have but

how good is the quality of your people in

aiding you to shape a better moral world


Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob had less

people than Nimrod & Pharaoh had but

their people were more qualified to aid

the prophets to shape a peaceful world.”

~ Yos W Hadi ( Moharram, 1395AH – )

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Kumpulan Hikmah Pancalaku (1334)

PART 1334


Hikmah #13331

“If your heart is as soft-pure as that of

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Aaron,

and Jesus due to silent istighfar ninety

thousand of times daily for forty years,

then you may tell unbelievable Truths

beyond logic to the public and chosen

people will still believe you because of

your pure heart and strong uprightness


If not, then reveal those Truths only to

those whom you can trust them totally.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )

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Kumpulan Hikmah Pancalaku (1333)

PART 1333


Hikmah #13321

“What some souls receive after doing silent

Istighfar for 600 months can be received by

Sunan Pancalaku only in 300 months dhikr.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13322

“That is because not only the rare spiritual

Intelligence genes of Adam, Enoch, Noah,

Abraham, Ishmael, and Muhammad saws

but also those kinds of Joktan, Hod, Salih,

Lot, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Sho’aib, Moses,

Khidr, Aaron, David, Solomon, Job, Jonah,

and Ezekiel are in him and shape his mind


Many awliyullah cannot reveal as detail as

Sunan Pancalaku for he is in different level.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5, 1395AH – )

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Kumpulan Hikmah Pancalaku (1332)

PART 1332


Hikmah #13311

“Hidden ones do not wear something

special to show that they are special

for their undeniable heavenly talent

and majestic powers are not in what

they wear but are in their pure soul.”

~ Yos Hadi (  Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13312

“Be a soft, humble servant of Allah by doing

Silent Istighfar 90 thousand times daily and

praying silently for humanity, Mother Earth

and its Nature just as Sunan Pancalaku has

done for the past 40 years without wanting

anything in return but to be loved by Allah,

then many souls will love and miss you no

matter how you look, no matter how you

smile, no matter what you say & no matter

what you do for they love you due to Allah.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )

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Kumpulan Hikmah Pancalaku (1331)

PART 1331


Hikmah #13301

“Besides multiplying in Nusantara Islands,

Kasanpurite will spread all over the world


Shakurite may spread in North America

Hafizite may roam Africa & Madagascar

‘Alimite may roam Europe & Greenland

Latifite may spread in Russia and Alaska

Mananite may roam across Central Asia

Rafiqite may spread in Korea and Japan

Muhsite may spread in China & Taiwan

Muhyite may multiply across Indochina

Samite may roam Philippine & Oceania

Raqibite may roam Australia & Oceania

Tawabite may roam South & West Asia

Nasirite may spread in South America.”

~ Yos W Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )

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Kumpulan Hikmah Pancalaku (1330)

PART 1330


Hikmah #13291

“The more we love Allah and His prophets

thru being humble, honest, sincere, zuhud

and fanafillah alias by Pancalaku, then the

more powerful angels of Allah AHAD bless

us much and much more endlessly due to

love specially in Rajab, Sha’ban, Ramadan.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13292

“In the heart of Sunan Pancalaku is only Allah,

In his mind are the angels especially Jibraeel,

Mikaaeel, Israfeel, Izraeel; ln his soul are Nur

Muhammad and Ruh al-Quddus, in his spirit

are all the prophets of Allah specially Adam,

Seth, Enoch, Methuselah, Noah, Hod, Saleh,

Abraham, Lot, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph,

Shoaib, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Job,

Jonah, Ezekiel, Muhammad (saws) who are

among his holy ancestors and Elijah, Elisha,

John and Jesus who are among his brothers

and Zechariah who is among his great uncle.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram, 1395AH – )

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Kumpulan Hikmah Pancalaku (1329)

PART 1329


Hikmah #13281

“Jacob, Aaron, Job, Ezekiel and Zechariah

were not wonderworkers but they all are

among the top 25, so is Sunan Pancalaku

among the 144,000 ones across countries.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13282

“He has the blessing power of Jacob,

diplomacy of Aaron, patience of Job,

expertise of Ezekiel, dhikr constancy

of Zechariah, devout charm of John,

leadership of Abraham, devotion of

Ishmael, self-control of Isaac, divine

consideration of Joseph, sincerity of

Jesus, intelligence of Moses, insight

of Khidr, strategy of David, wisdom

of Solomon, commitment of Noah,

awareness of Enoch, & meditation

of Adam, which makes him among

the 40 leaders of the 144,000 ones.”

~ Yos Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )

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Kumpulan Hikmah Pancalaku (1328)

PART 1328


Hikmah #13271

“Like Noah, Abraham, Shoaib, Moses,

Elijah, John, Jesus, Muhammad (saws),

Awliya Allah are not worry if the world

think that they are stupid and crazy for

they speak up neither to seek approval

nor popularity but to bring uprightness.”

~ Yos W Hadi ( Moharram, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13272

“There are lovers around the world, who

saw that Sunan Pancalaku came to them

in visions helping them in vital condition


Actually it was not Sunan Pancalaku but

one among 8,888 angels who appeared

in the appearances of Sunan Pancalaku


Lovers who recite the 114 Core Forces

of Al-Quran alias Qalbu Quran at least

five times daily and believe that Sunan

Pancalaku is one among the progenies

of Imam Sayyid Muhammad Ali Akbar

bin Hassan Al-Askari may also receive

that angelic help in crucial conditions.”

~ Yos W Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )

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