Kumpulan Hikmah Pancalaku (1102)

PART 1102


Hikmah #11011

“Islam in Indonesia, specially in Java Island

spread by the over nine Walisongo is very

much tolerant and not by sword since the

Walisongo adopted the spiritual approach

of Imam Musa al-Kazim thru his youngest

brother Ali al-Uraidi bin Imam Ja’far Sadiq.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11012

“Just like their father Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq,

both Imam Musa al-Kazim and his brother

Ali al-Uraidi loved and respected Abubakr

as-Siddiq, Umar bin Khattab, and Uthman

bin ‘Affan for that is also the way of Imam

Ali, Imam al-Hassan and Imam al-Hussayn.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11013

“Musa al-Kazim is not only the most

forbearing and gentlest descendant

of Ali Asadullah but also of Abu Bakr.”

~ Yos Hadi ( Moharram 5 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11014

“The highest divine secret of Abubakr

and the utmost holy secret of ‘Ali Ibn

Abi Talib Asadullah were transmitted

to Jafar Sadiq to Musa al-Kazim, then

to Imam ‘Ali Rida and to ‘Ali al-Uraidi.”

~ Yos W Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11015

“Spiritual ways that combine the holy

secret of Ali Ibn Abi Talib and that of

Abubakr are the well-balanced ones

since they unify two poles, two ends

to completely perfect their way, and

to spiritually fly much higher farther.”

~ Yos Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11016

“Be brave and tolerant and patient as

Musa al-Kazim, whose huge blessing

moved Indonesia through Walisongo.”

~ Yos W Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11017

“Musa al-Kazim suffered a lot, yet he

kept calm, patient, smiling since the

greater and lengthier the sufferings,

then the greater, huger, much more

wonderful, and endless is the mercy

of God for those who truly love Him

above all even if they have to suffer

much as Job and Jesus had suffered.”

~ Yos Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11018

“Do not say you truly love God if you

are afraid to suffer like Job or Jesus.”

~ Yos Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11019

“The greatest hidden saint is the one

who suffered a lot as Musa al-Kazim

or Joseph, Job, Hosea, John or Jesus

had suffered, yet he keeps calm and

smiles quietly as if nothing happens

for his love to Allahu AHAD is much

greater than zillion of big afflictions.”

~ Yos Hadi ( Moharram 5 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11020

“The secrets of Musa al-Kazim are in

Wiyoso Hadi and the secrets of Yos

Wiyoso Hadi were in Musa al Kazim.”

~ Yos Hadi ( Moharram 5 1395AH – )


“The amount of reward is in accordance with the amount of suffering. When Allah (Swt) loves some people, He tries them (with affliction). He who then is content (with Allah’s decree) has achieved the acceptance (of Allah), and he who is dissatisfied (with Allah’s decree) will attain the anger (of Allah).”

~ Muhammad SallAllahu a’layhi wa-sallam [ Tirmidhi ]

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