Kumpulan Hikmah Pancalaku (1138)

PART 1138


Hikmah #11371

“Wiyoso Hadi is the Muhammad aka Imam,

the Sulayman aka Sultan and the Yusuf aka

Guardian (Muhammad Yuusuf Sulaymaan)

of the lataif secrets of the five million plus

nine lataif points around the etheric body.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11372

“Wiyoso Hadi is not permitted to transmit

all lataif secrets except to those who had

reached the divine rank of Satria Piningit.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11373

“For the last 25 years, more and much more

people across countries, nations, races, and

religions embrace the non-violence ways of

sufism, which many due to the lataif arrows

sent into their hearts by 7008 Satria Piningit

under the lead of an unmarried man in Java.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11374

“If there is no more war of religion, no more

fanaticism of tariqa, no more fanaticism of

division of tariqa, then there would be peace

and prosperity in the Middle East, Africa and  

in the all other regions, nations in the world.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11375

“That is an example how the satria piningit

improve humanity from behind the scenes,

without wars but thru peaceful meditation.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11376

“White Dragon, Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon,

Red Phoenix, Yellow Dragon, White Tiger and

Golden Tiger guard gently behind the scenes

under the full command of Sunan Kasanpuro.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11377

“Heavenly Lataif power could come out

through all of your five million and nine

Lataif points around your subtle etheric

body Only IF your mind, heart, and soul

are free from anger, sadness and griefs.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11378

“As human beings, it is normal to feel sad

or angry sometimes, but if you are easily

get either sad or angry, then you are not

fit and ready to master the lataif kung fu

of Wiyoso Hadi Sunan Kasanpuro of Java.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11379

“Empty your mind, heart, and soul from

anger, grief and sadness through silent

dhikrullah so that you can master lataif

kung fu to heal the world and to better

humanity from behind the scenes with

lataif light just as all Satria Piningit do.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #11380

“Yos W Hadi reveals it for he is the Adam,

Seth, and Enosh alias the spiritual father

of the next generations of Satria Piningit

coming from different races and nations.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5 1395AH – )


“If Allah loves a person, He calls Gabriel saying: ‘Allah loves so and so; O Gabriel, love him.’ Gabriel would love him, and then Gabriel would make an announcement among the residents of the Heaven, ‘Allah loves so-and-so, therefore, you should love him also.’ So, all the residents of the Heavens would love him and then he is granted the pleasure of the people of the earth.”

~ Muhammad (saws) [Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 8, Book 73 #66]

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