Kumpulan Hikmah Pancalaku (1363)

PART 1363


Hikmah #13621

“What Sunan Pancalaku conveys on spirituality

and geo-politic is nothing new among the true

hidden awliya Allah but most of them have not

the power to convey in simple words of wisdom


Thus, Sunan Pancalaku comes out to convey it

for he inherits the communication skills of his

holy ancestors Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph,

Shoaib, Aaron, David, Solomon, Shah Mardan

Ali Ibn Abi Talib Asadullah, Sunan Ampel, and

many other awliya among his holy ancerstors


He only writes when necessary and prefers

most in calm peaceful fanafillah meditation.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13622

“Most descendants of Imam Ali Hadi an-Naqi

are Sunni, who live in Indonesia especially in

Java through the lineage of the Walisongolas

who spread Islam Nusantara fully, peacefully


Islam Nusantara is the way of life of all

Presidents of the Republic of Indonesia

since the Presidency of Soekarno-Hatta


Islam Nusantara always protects Indonesia

from radicalism, terrorism, and extremism


Islam Nusantara will be more adopted by

people around the world thru Pancalaku

by the blessing of Nabi Muhammad saws

and the ten Imam from his (saws) family.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13623

“Islam Nusantara is older than Naqshbandi,

Shattariyya, Tijaniyya, and other organized

spiritual ways (turuq, plural form of tariqa)


Islam Nusantara is over seven hundred years

old, and its essence was introduced by Sayyid

Abdul Rahman Naqwi Sunan Makdum, which

is spreading Islam by respecting and honoring

the culture of the native people of Nusantara


Islam Nusantara is amiable and tolerant to

Christian, Buddha, Hindu and other religion.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13624

“For 25 years (1998-2023), Sunan Pancalaku

has aided preachers & prominent people to

keep Islam Nusantara applied in Nusantara,

just as his ancestor Raden Patah and Sultan

Demak Trenggono fully guarded Walisongo

in spreading Islam Nusantara across Island


Islam Nusantara embodies the wisdom of 30

prophets of Allah through the ten Imam thru

Sayyid Abdul Rahman Naqwi Sunan Makdum.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13625

“1. Hikmah Ilahiyya in the words of Adam

2. Hikmah Naftsiyya in the words of Syits

3. Hikmah Lataifiyya in the words of Anwas

4. Hikmah Quddusiyya in the words of Idris

5. Hikmah Subbuhiyya in the words of Nuh

6. Hikmah Ahadiyya in the words of Hud

7. Hikmah Futtuhiyya in the words of Salih

8. Hikmah Huyumiyya in the words of Ibrahim

9. Hikmah Malkiyya in the words of Lut

10. Hikmah Aliyya in the words of Isma’il

11. Hikmah Haqqiyya in the words of Ishaq

12. Hikmah Ruhiyya in the words of Ya’qub

13. Hikmah Nuriyya in the words of Yusuf 

14. Hikmah Qalbiyya in the words of Syu’ayb

15. Hikmah Uluwiyya in the words of Musa

16. Hikmah Ladduniyya in the words of Khidr

17. Hikmah Imamiyya in the words of Harun

18. Hikmah Wujudiyya in the words of Dawud

19. Hikmah Rahmaniyya in the words of Sulayman

20. Hikmah Unsiyya in the words of Ilyas

21. Hikmah Samadiyya in the words of Ilyasa’a

22. Hikmah Ghaibiyya in the words of Ayyub

23. Hikmah Nafasiyya in the words of Yunus

24. Hikmah Qadariyya in the words of Uzayr

25. Hikmah Rabbaniyya in the words of Dzulkifli

26. Hikmah Ihsaniyya in the words of Luqman

27. Hikmah Malikiyya in the words of Zakariyya

28. Hikmah Jalaliyya in the words of Yahya

29. Hikmah Nubuwahiyya in the words of ‘Iysa

30. Hikmah Fardiyya in the words of Muhammad (s).”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Jakarta, Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13626

“All of them can be seen shinning very brightly

in the heart, mind, & soul of Sunan Pancalaku

when sincere lovers are fana in him perfectly


Sunan Pancalaku respects many tariqa including

Qadiri, Ghazzali, Naqshbandi, Shadhili, Kubrawi,

and others but he does not embrace them since

he has embraced Islam Nusantara since the 80’s.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13627

“Sunan Pancalaku has been prepared by angels

to continue the legacy of his ancestors: Raden

Patah and Sultan Trenggono, preserving Islam

Nusantara and spreading it around the world

through Pancalaku and Hudawwudi Dynasty.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13628

“Islam Nusantara is tolerant as the way of

Prophet Muhammad (s) who allowed and

truly protected the Jews and Christians to

practice their religion serenely in Madina


Islam Nusantara fully represents the

Tolerance of Nabi Muhammad (saws)


Islam Nusantara is the way of life of Raden

Patah, Sultan Demak Trenggono, and their

many offspring including Sunan Pancalaku.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13629

“Islam Nusantara of Bung Karno, founding

father of Indonesia, was very nationalistic


Islam Nusantara of Sunan Pancalaku is universal


Its core, which is Islam Nusantara, is the same

but how it is expressed can be differently from

one public figure to many other public figures


Lovers who want to spread Islam Nusantara in

their homeland may come someday to Jakarta

to be blessed by Sunan Pancalaku, so that they

can spread Islam Nusantara calmly-successfully.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #13630

“If God willing, there will be:

Islam Nusantara Indian

Islam Nusantara Persian

Islam Nusantara Arabian

Islam Nusantara African

Islam Nusantara American

Islam Nusantara Brazilian

Islam Nusantara Pacific

Islam Nusantara Russian

Islam Nusantara China

Islam Nusantara Eurasian

Islam Nusantara German

Islam Nusantara French

Islam Nusantara Britain


And 111 other branches under the

banner of Islam Nusantara of Sunan

Pancalaku from Java if Allah willing


There will be 360 million people globally

embracing Islam Nusantara either during

the life of Sunan Pancalaku or after he dies


His kingdom is not physically but spiritually.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi ( Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


“Say, “O Allah, Owner of Sovereignty, You give sovereignty to whom You will and You take sovereignty away from whom You will. You honor whom You will and You humble whom You will. In Your hand is [all] good. Indeed, You are over all things competent.”

( Surat Aa’li I’mraan verse 26 )

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