Kumpulan Hikmah Pancalaku (273)



Hikmah #2721

“If you want to know how much God is pleased

with you then look at how much people’s hearts

are drawn by God to love you, to adore you, to

follow your pious way of life without any intent

from yourself to make them and others to love

you, to adore, to follow you so greatly like that.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi (Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #2722

“If your love to God is pure then everything

become more and more and more endlessly

without limit more beautiful for you by God.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi (Moharram 1395AH – )


“If Allah would love his servant He would call Archangel Jibraeel (Gabriel) and tell him “I love this person, therefore love him.” And Jibraeel would love him and call out in the heavens “Allah loves this person, therefore love him.” And the inhabitants of the heavens would love him. Then he would be embraced by the people of this world.”

~ Sayyidina Muhammad SallAllahu a’layhi wa-sallam (Sahih Muslim)


Hikmah #2723

“Your pureness depends not on what you wear

but how egoless is your heart, mind and soul.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi (Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #2724

“Moses, Aaron, Elijah, Elisha, Ezekiel, Daniel,

John the Baptist and Jesus Christ never made

a building or training center to gather people

yet more and more people follow their way

because of their pure love to God, they can

gather and teach people through heart to

heart connection and so do the man from

the east and Alkhidr and most awliya Allah.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi (Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #2725

“Have an egoless heart, mind and soul and

you will not need center building to teach

people but can teach people from far and

wide through heart to heart connection.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi (Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


“And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are (spiritually) alive with their Lord, receiving (spiritual ethereal) provision.”

( Surat Aa’li I’mraan verse 169 )


Hikmah #2726

“Awliya are happy if people do not

know that they are awliya because

they can keep their purest love for

the Only One Best Lover without any

of His creation knows except a few

like among themselves and among

the holy angels and the prophets.”

~ Yos Hadi (Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #2727

“And if their very high spiritual rank

is known, awliya Allah try the best

to state to the world that they are

ordinary dirty weak persons like us.”

~ Yos Hadi (Moharram 1395AH – )


Hikmah #2728

“Like John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, who

are always humble themselves even to the

criminals, thieves, prostitutes and hustlers.”

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi (Moharram 1395H – )


Hikmah #2729

“Only ego ones like iblees who love to show

that they are the best worshipers and holy

to please their ego and not to please God.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi (Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


Hikmah #2730

“If a so called wali or saint is angry if his

students do not call him as shaykh, holy

man, pir or master then his sainthood is

questioned and also his whole sincerity.”

~ Wiyoso Hadi (Moharram 1395AH – )


Ibn Mas’ud (r) said: The Prophet (saws) said: “The haughty, even with pride (of EGO) equal to a mustard seed in his heart, will not enter jannah.”

~ Sayyidina Muhammad SallAllahu a’layhi wa-sallam (Sahih Muslim #91)

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