Nine Letters of Pancalaku

Never lose hope, anyone who searches for answer about the Divine hidden world, with God willing will receive the answers after practicing step by step these 9 (nine) letters of Pancalaku below patiently. As for me, this weak servant has practiced it “step by step” since 30 (thirty) years ago, and still learning. May God be with you!


(Letter #1)

Those who speak with Truth, speak with the daily language of God

those who speak with Love, speak with the universal language of God

those who speak with Sincerity, speak with the universal blessing Love of God

and why people cannot yet understand, even cannot hear and see the Divine’s

guidance in themselves?

because they speak daily with a different “language” than that of God.


* * * * *


(Letter #2)

What I say on spirituality does not come from reading but comes from heart

And Allah, the All-Just, gives this knowledge into all believers’ heart

Anyone who speak daily with the “language” of God can hear it from his/her heart.


* * * * *


(Letter #3)

There some truths that cannot be spoken

But can be found and tasted in the silence of meditation

Meditation is not just sit, close the eyes and aware of every breathing in and out

But also have to keep the mind, heart and soul from anything what God forbids.


* * * * *


(Letter #4)

Our sins and ignorance are like darkness in a room

Our sincere righteous deeds are like lights

The darker the room the more lights we need

Without adequate light how can we see and learn from the divine realm of our heart?


* * * * *


(Letter #5)

Those lights from which I’ve been inspired to write

since more than seven years ago

Came not from my limited mind

But came through the heart

Purify your hearts and souls

and keep the tongue from unkind and harsh words

and keep the mind from bad and dirty thoughts

Then you will also “see” those wonderful beautiful soft lights of wisdoms

coming gently through your unseen hearts


* * * * *


(Letter #6)

Pious wise old men had reminded me

Neither to deliver everything what I “hear”, “see” and know

Nor anything what people want to hear, see or know,

But only to deliver what they need to know

And only if the time is right

That is: when their heart can contain those hidden knowledge


* * * * *


(Letter #7)

For a believer to believe is easy. But to learn and to see clearly through the heart, it needs true love and pure intention by being humble, truthful, sincere, zuhud (non-attachment from all that which distracts from God), and fanafillah (egoless in God’s presence).


* * * * *


(Letter #8 )

Look yourself before looking others fault,

Look inside you before looking around,

Purify your intention before saying and doing.

– February 2008 –


* * * * *


(Letter #9)

If you want to understand God crystal clearly,

first you have to understand the unseen Divine Light of your own spiritual heart,

And how can one understand the hidden Divine Light of his spiritual heart

if his deeds and prayers are corrupted with worldly intention.

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi (Moharram 5, 1395AH – )


“And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then surely I am very near; I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me, so they should answer My call and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way.”

( Surat Al-Baqarah verse 186 )


“And to Allah belong the east and the west, so wherever you turn yourselves or your faces there is the Face of Allah. Surely! Allah is All-Encompassing and All-Knowing.”

( Surat Al-Baqarah verse 115 )


“The vision of the eye is limited; the vision of the heart (third eye) transcends all barriers of time and space.”

~ Sayyidina Ali Ibn Abi Talib (kw)


Abi Said al Khudri (ra) reported that the Prophet (saw) said: “Fear the insight of the true believer for he sees (through the third eye) with the light of Allah the Almighty the Majestic.” Then he read: “Surely! Therein is indeed a sign for the believers.” (Surah al Hijr:Verse 77).

~ Hadith Sunan at-Tirmidhi (Jami-al-Tirmidhi)

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