Beyond names, Healing the world

Spirituality is beyond names, beyond colors, beyond time and space,
Only pure-of-heart servants of the Creator, the One, can taste the fullest Joy of it.

East meet West, South meet North
Spirituality is not East, West, South or North
Spirituality is beyond Cultures, Traditions and Places

Spirituality teaches the heart, brings peace and clear of mind
Spirituality heals the world as it heals the souls
Spirituality is now and here for all
Spirituality is the Light beyond and the subtle energies inside the Universe

No one can taste the ultimate joy and use its Light and its subtle hidden energies (Lataif)
unless he/she loves and obeys out of love of the Source of it, the Source of Spirituality – the Ever-Living One:

~ Yos Wiyoso Hadi (Muharrram 5, 1395/18 January 1975)

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