Everything is Energy

Everything is energy, including the soul. As energy, bad soul is never lost but transforms into good soul by doing PancaLaku (“the Five Noble Deeds”), which is purifying the soul continuously with:
1. TAWADU’: Humble in God’s presence and humble towards people;
2. SIDDIQ: Truthful to the inner self and in all affairs of life;
3. IKHLAS: Sincerity of intention in all actions to please no one but God, the One only;
4. ZUHUD: Non-attachment from all that which distracts from God;
5. FANA FILLAH: Extinction of the self in God.

Good souls are those that have achieved the station of Fanafillah. Fanafillah is leaving the ego totally behind and be completely absorbed in God’s Will. In Fanafillah there is no more I or we, but the Will of GOD only flowing/manifest completely through the soul, the mind and the body.

In that state, the soul becomes extinct in the will of God. It is not incarnation or union in substance/essence, but a state of NO SELF, only the ABSOLUTE, No Separation between the Will of GOD and the soul. In this state, the Divine’s will manifest and act through the soul, the mind, and the body completely uninterrupted.

Nobody can achieve fanafillah, except with God’s Mercy. Therefore the soul has to purify itself endlessly by always be TAWADU, SIDDIQ, IKHLAS and ZUHUD in order to receive God’s Mercy to enter and to keep the state of Fanafillah.

In other words, the Spiritual Way of PANCALAKU, which consists of: (1) Tawadu, (2) Siddiq, (3) Ikhlas, (4) Zuhud, and (5) Fanafillah, is a never-ending process to attain and maintain BAQA BILLAH, which is existing through God, remain with God in all daily affairs and life. It is the best condition of the soul. It is the happiest condition for the soul. In that condition, the soul doesn’t need anything but God and God is Love (Allahu Muhibba).

“Hai sekalian manusia (apapun ras-mu), bertakwalah kepada Tuhan-mu yang telah menciptakan kamu dari seorang diri, dan dari padanya Allah menciptakan isterinya; dan dari pada keduanya Allah memperkembang biakkan laki-laki dan perempuan yang banyak. Dan bertakwalah kepada Allah yang dengan (mempergunakan) nama-Nya kamu saling meminta satu sama lain, dan (peliharalah) hubungan silaturrahim (antara ras dan bangsa). Sesungguhnya Allah selalu menjaga dan mengawasi kamu.”
( QS. An-Nisaa’, ke-1 )

~ Yos W. Hadi

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